7900 at Park Central

Dallas, TX

7900 at Park Central


7900 Churchill Way
Dallas, TX 75251
(972) 866-0600
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It's ok

I love these apartments, we moved in 3 months ago almost 4 months and I've had many many problems with our dishwasher! 6 times I had a problem with it and I could even explain what it was doing the maintenance people just shut me up and they do there thing and less then 3 min. It's all "fixed". Maybe if they took there time "fixing" it, I wouldn't have soo much problems with it. I haven't experienced roach problem or anything like that, nor have I seen rats like some post say. The apartment alone is huge! I hate the fact that my 11 month old can never take a good nap because of the workers outside constantly banging! The office staff isn't rude at least they haven't been rude to me just yet. One thing for sure is we aren't renewing our least when it's up.

Terrible Management

If I had the option to give this place 0 stars I would in a heartbeat. Since Riverstone Residential took over this property in the fall the quality of living here has decreased to unbearable. I loved living here when it was owned by Marquis but the new management has made this place like a prison that I am waiting to be paroled from. I will start with the few pros this place offers. My apartment itself is nice and spacious. The location is great too, good access to pretty much anywhere since you are right by 75 and 635. Now on to the cons.

When Riverstone Res took over I tried to get out of my lease because from the start I was not impressed by how they handled the transition. I was told that I would have to pay 2 month's rent for early termination even though my lease was with Marquis and their early term fee was 80% of one month's rent (or something close to that). I couldn't afford 2 month's rent up front so I decided to stay and hope things got better. They definitely haven't and to make it worse, I found out 3 months later that they did have to honor Marquis' policy since my lease was with them but at that point I didn't see the value in paying the early term fee that late in my lease (even though I REALLY wanted to). So, I was lied to from the start with these people.

The property manager is honestly the most unprofessional and rude person I have ever experienced. The property manager's name is Alisa and she has gone out of her way to be rude to me including ignoring e-mails, yelling at me in front of her staff and other residents and just flat out berating me. The newer assistant manager and SOME of the other office staff have at least cordial to me when I come into the office to get a package or ask a question but Alisa has literally walked away from me before. I am not that needy of a resident. I rarely have maintenance requests and expect there to be some noise in an apartment complex. I also pay my rent and bills on time every month despite the fact that you do not receive a statement until usually the day before or day rent is due or sometimes even after the day it's due- another problem in and of itself. Also, they say they have 24 hour emergency maintenance but I wouldn't hold my breath, I have not always been called back by the on-call person which is worrisome in the case of a life threatening emergency.

The pool pumps since Riverstone Res took over have been a constant battle as they make horrible whining noises and they are not properly cared for or fixed when I put in a request. Luckily for the past few weeks that hasn't been an issue as the whole pool area is closed (just in time for the beginning of warm weather...). When Riverstone first took over cleanliness of the property was a HUGE issue. I will say that this has improved slightly, however, I have seen a rat before and have recently started getting bugs in my apartment even after I requested pest control to come and spray. And I will add the cleanliness only got better after I contacted the regional office.

After it became clear that Alisa was not willing to help, I was in contact with the regional office but as soon as I gave my 60 days notice I have been ignored completely including not getting called back when I said I would and when I sent a follow up email there was not a response to that either- VERY PROFESSIONAL- NOT!

Even arranging my move-out has been a nightmare as they don't do walkthroughs on the weekend even though they are open and they are only open 9-6 during the week which is when most people have work. Luckily the assistant property manager was nice enough to offer to come in early one morning so I don't have to miss work just to turn in my keys. They did give me the offer of not doing a walkthrough and just turning in my keys but obviously with the shady management of this place I wasn't comfortable doing that for fear of being charged hundreds of dollars for no reason.

I hope this review can help save some of your the agony of living here. There are tons of other apartments that are great, this is certainly not one of them.

The property is going through a whole re-model, but don't let the nice façade fool you. The service you get for the price is not worth it and the clientele has begun to get sketchy.

Management makes all the difference

We moved in and it was ran by a great management team until a new management came in. As you are aware with these reviews keep track of the date, this place is not bad but if you have the wrong company managing it you don't realize how bad a management team can make you feel like living in a nice place to living in a jail. I am almost out of my lease but as long as the new management is there you don't want to deal with the grief they give you. Rat and cockroach problems, rude maintenance and management team that does not have time to hear what you have to say. Do your research and look them on yelp.

It's ok

The community aesthetically is relatively well maintained. I do not use the amenities so I can not provide an opinion in regards to them. The small amount of issues I have had in my personal unit have been taken care of with due diligence(2-4 days for non-critical) and I have no real complaints for that. These two items are their best points. Unfortunately, management changed very recently after I moved in and the complex has fallen below the initial expectations I had when I first arrived. My feelings resonate with others when they claim the new management is rude. For purposes of this next point, I would like to stress it has to do with the front desk, not necessarily with all of management. All personnel were changed when the complex changed hands. For the front desk, I've been interrupted on trivial things that have absolutely no significance to the topic at hand. Let me speak, then correct me if it's important to the conversation(It wasn't in this case, further grinding my gears.) Never interrupt a client. The location is good and the property was already decently maintained, but I'm worried for future prospects. As a last point, the overall value slumps significantly due to price:performance. TL;DR, It's a pretty decent place, but it's not worth what you'll pay for it.

Skip it if you're looking for better value. Go for it if you're looking for it based on location and you have the income for it.

Good until new management came.

The apartment is not bad at all for the price. The problem is location is not in the greatest of area. Management makes all the difference when living in an Apartment. The previous management was great when it was The Marques, now with it being 7900 @ Park Central the management is completely rude and does not want to hear anything and sighs right in front of you if you have any complaints. Maintenance is rude and gives dirty looks. I would normally recommend this place but with the new management stay away until they change management.

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

The actual apartments are quite nice. I'm just very disappointed with the maintenance and how that's handled. I've voiced concerns before, but nothing seems to have changed. I never had any issues with maintenance at my last apartment - requests were handled the same day and they were handled well.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The apartment seemed small and there was no patio to go out on which didn't open it up much. The living space was large, as was the bedroom but the kitchen was small. The amenities were similar to those offered down the street.

Beautiful place with great ammentities, most important GREAT Management team!

This place has everything we need and ALL the staff from management to maintenance is on top of everything. This is my first time renting and reading reviews of other places people had said if you have a bad management team its a nightmare to live no matter how nice it is. I was very close to ignoring that as I do not think I would have much contact with management anyways. Im glad I found Marques as I dont have to worry about bad management. Its only been a month but the team here is tentative and does not change their attitude once your a tennant. Ive seen many other tennants here buy and spoil the management here because they do what they can for us. Highly recommend this place. Ive only been here for a month so if anything changes I will repost but so far its perfect.
Thank you for your recent post to Renters voice. We love our Residents and we are pleased that you are enjoying your new home! We strive to keep a great relationship with each of our residents. It really brightens our day to get such positive feedback. If anything should change during your time here, please reach out as soon as possible. Thanks again, Parkcentral staff

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

This is a very conveniently located property. It is minutes from a major hospital and seconds away from two major highways. There are many restaurants and stores in the area and a community college.
Thank you for your feedback and visiting our community. We are centrally located and offer superior service. I hope that we have the chance to help you find the perfect place to call home!

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

The property amenities have improved considerably in the last month, however, the there is still some work to do. Last I checked, the soda machine, dryer/washer machines are still broken.

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

Too expensive

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

Great location, friendly neighbors.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The community is a centrally located , four-story mid rise with a French flair. It offers all the latest amenities one could desire, along with spacious floor plans. It even has a large dog run!

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

Aesthetically pleasing and nice staff comfortable living space and for the most part quiet.

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

The list of common area improvements that are needed is too long to list, but it includes:
1. gas grills that do not work well (need commercial grade)
2. screens around electric meters need replacing (some are almost falling down)
3. outside perimeter lighting is severly deficient
4. Other than very front of property, the landscaping is truly embarrassing
5. Recycling bin is non-distquisable from the trash bins (so everything go in it).
6. Rat control in area of trash bins needs attention
7. Gate/Garage Security Access is very poor (no wonder there have been so many breakins). The gates are nonfuntioning way too often.
8. Decorative/Security Gates at the end of hallways (on the perimeter) are practically falling off their hinges. They do not close automatically, so they are almost always open (again, creating a inviting atmosphere to the would be burgler).
As always we welcome all feed back and concerns. Thank you for being such a great resident and allowing us to remmedy these issues. I sent you a personal email regarding all these issues along with a plan of action. It is important that our resident have a positive and enjoyable experience while activily participating in our ongoing efforts to be the best at service and a great living experience.~Nina Gonzaes, Community Director
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