Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

General Questions

What is Renter’s Voice?

Renter’s Voice offers the most comprehensive, objective and transparent apartment review data with the renter in mind. Independent evaluators and actual renters contribute ratings and reviews to provide an overall view of their experience at their apartment. This apartment ratings and review site is all about helping the prospective renter to make an informed decision on their new apartment home.

Is Renter’s Voice free?

Yes, Renter’s Voice is free for the apartment renter. As an apartment renter, you can browse and contribute apartment ratings and apartment reviews on the site for absolutely no charge. If you are a property owner or property management company, contact us for more information on how you can participate with your renters as it relates to their online ratings and reviews.

Is Renter’s Voice just about making complaints?

Absolutely not! People come to Renter’s Voice for fair and objective information about the apartment complex. Not only will potential apartment renters receive insider tips on the apartments and community but the actual renters share information on their overall customer experience of living at the apartment complex.

What is an “Independent Evaluator”?

We have partnered with Ellis, Partners in Management Solutions to provide feedback on the renter’s experience at apartment complexes as evaluated by a Mystery Shopper. These Mystery Shoppers pose as potential apartment renters and evaluate how the renter is treated, the information shared with the renter and how the overall sales and customer service experience is conveyed to the renter. The Mystery Shoppers provide fair and objective information and hence, serve as an “Independent Evaluator”.

What is a “Current Renter”?

A current renter, through renter surveys and renter online feedback, provide their first hand feedback as a renter at the apartment complex. Through the renter surveys, we have validated these renters as current renters at the apartment complex but for privacy reasons, we do not publish their names.

Ratings and Reviews

Will the apartment complex see my review?

Yes. Renter’s Voice allows any user or apartment complex to read your reviews. Any contact you receive regarding your review is subject to the Terms of Use.

Why do some reviews get removed?

Users have the ability to remove their own reviews at any time. Renter’s Voice only removes a review if it violates the Terms of Use.

If I get an email that my review was rejected, what can I do?

If Renter’s Voice flags your review as inappropriate, you will receive an email notification explaining your review was rejected. You may choose to remove or revise the portion that is inappropriate and resubmit the review. You do not have to respond to or resubmit the review if you do not want to do so.

Apartment Complex Information

How did my apartment complex information get on Renter’s Voice?

We integrate basic business information from Ellis Partners in Management Solutions, our Partners, and / or we receive it from public records, users of the site, and other sources. If your listing is inaccurate, please contact us so it can be updated.

Can we get a bad review removed from Renter’s Voice?

If a legitimate negative review has been posted on Renter’s Voice about your apartment complex, it cannot be removed. We will research and remove any inappropriate content as outlined in the Terms of Use. Contact us for any issues related to this.

Profile / Login

Privacy Concerns

Who has access to my personal information on Renter’s Voice?

Renter’s Voice protects your privacy as outlined in the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. Your personal information is not shared other than as provided therein. If you are contacted in any manner or with a message that constitutes a violation of the Terms of Use, please contact us immediately.