About Us

Renter’s Voice is the next evolution ratings and reviews site designed specifically to enhance the apartment renter’s search for their next home. Unlike similar sites that often contain biased or one-sided information, Renter’s Voice offers the most comprehensive, objective and transparent apartment reviews utilizing a variety of sources, including independent evaluators, residents, and apartment renters who all contribute ratings and reviews.

Renter’s Voice Reviews come from:

  • Independent evaluators – certified apartment mystery shoppers who pose as potential residents to conduct an evaluation of the leasing staff at the apartment complex and provide objective feedback to the management about how the apartment and community are presented to possible renters
  • Current renters – people who live at the apartment complex and post comments directly to the site or provide them through periodic surveys about their customer experience, including their interaction with the leasing staff and maintenance and feedback about the amenities and features of the apartments

Whether you are looking for an apartment on the East Coast, West Coast or anywhere in-between, Renter’s Voice offers apartment renters the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and relevant information from our partners and other renters like you to help make your decision on which apartment to lease. Renter’s Voice is all about helping you by providing objective feedback from the widest range of reviewers, so you can benefit from their experiences and then share your own!

Property owners and managers, find out more about putting Renter’s Voice to work for your community.