Grapevine, TX


In the heart of Grapevine Texas, Montelena provides unparalleled convenience to both Dallas and Fort Worth, while creating a lifestyle abundant with year-round recreation, exquisite shopping and distinctive dining.


501 Turner Road
Grapevine, TX 76051
(469) 291-8823
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Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

This community was everything I was looking for. The leasing agent was good at her job and knew her product well. All of the staff made me feel welcome and that my visit was important.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I enjoyed my visit. If I was looking for a place to live I would highly consider Montelena.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

My visit meeting was a very pleasant experience. The leasing professional was knowledgeable, but she made a point of being very conversational and getting my agreement throughout her presentation. The community had everything I said I was looking for.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

Julie made me feel welcome from the beginning and made me believe that she really wanted me to come live at Montelena. The place struck me as bright and shiny, and I particularly appreciated the mature trees and the amount of space between the buildings.

Money Hungry Liars

We decided to move into this apartment complex because of the leasing agent. She was so sweet, smart and hard working. In spite of all of the horrible reviews I read about the ants and other bugs, horrible office personnel, lack of lenience about the greed and quickness for them to take your money, and over all lack of concern about the tenants AFTER they signed their contract.

Everything was absolutely true. There were so many bugs, a broken screen door, things breaking constantly inside of the apartment, and VERY thin walls. We heard EVERY detail of our neighbors life down to their excessive snoring at night.

In the midst of the lease they made it mandatory to switch their water and electric provider. Not only are the rates more expensive, but the due to the lack of knowledge and concern, it cost me over $2,700.00 in non sense charges. This is an unacceptable issue. They I had to deal with this issue with NO regard from ANY of the three parties involved in my first time being out of the country. It was awful. I never got even a penny of that money back. Due to my job asking me to temporarily relocate out of the country, and experiencing how stressful dealing with this was for me, I decided not live there any longer.

I no longer wanted to walk a half a mile to walk to get to my front door and have no idea the shape my car is in when I go outside. Share my shoes and my breakfast with the neighborhood bugs, listen to all of the ups and downs with the neighbors, and to have that much money taken from me for an issue I had NOTHING to do with. To switch to a company outside of my liking. Amongst the MANY other inconveniences of The Montelena Apartments.

Before I moved out, I asked for a model number for more paint to paint the walls. He then replied to me, well, we have our own mix. You can not go out and buy it. I proceeded to ask if there is an extra small bucket I could bring back to my apartment. He asked why? Did you scratch the wall? I said no. I am moving, and I painted my walls a dark brown color and would like to obtain extra paint to paint it back before I leave. He replied, there is no need for you to do that. Montelena paints all of the walls every time no matter what. I was a little confused. I asked, won't there be a charge? As a professional painter, I'd rather buy paint now then to worry about paying somebody to paint over it. He assured me there would be no charge and that I was in good standing leaving it as it is.
I wouldn't have a problem fixing it myself. I actually love painting. It's being lied to and being charged AGAIN for something I did my part in that upsets me.

I just received my final bill from Montelena. I have a $180 charge for repainting. My room mate has called multiple times and he told me they are being so rude and are trying to force him to pay this ill charge. A charge I was assured would not be a problem before I left the country.

I am HIGHLY dissatisfied with this apartment complex. I really thought more of them...