Point Loma Woods

Bedford, TX

Point Loma Woods


1300 Shady Lane
Bedford, TX 76021
(817) 540-1679
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87% 41 out of 47 renters
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Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The community was located near some good recreational spots. I would recommend the community.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I would be glad to live in this home. The agent was great, the area was nice and the home was great.

very rude

I have been in this apartment 13 months and I can say and be honest the office manager are very rude


By far the best staff of employees.From maintance team to the manager. Just signed my fourth lease and would not consider renting any were else !

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The level of service was great and I would recommend this location to anyone that wants peace and serenity.

terrible staff

I've never lived in a place with such inept and discourteous staff in my entire adult life. The office staff is obscenely rude and act as if they are inconvenienced every time you involve them in anything other than collecting your rent. They seem to forget they work for the tenants who pay the company that pays their salaries and are here to assist us. Our stay here has been so terrible that every time a new tenant asks my opinion I gladly tell them the opinions.

Worst place to live on bedford.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I liked the lake view this community had, and I liked that they had two dog parks. The grounds were beautifully maintained and the staff were very helpful.

Great, comfortable place to live.

I have lived here for 8 years because it feels like a home. I never have to think about how things are going with the apartment, or management, etc., because it always runs smoothly. All the times I have dealt with the management/staff over the years have been positive. They are competent, mature, trustworthy, and easy to work with. The parking situation has its highs and lows with the availability of spaces, tight rules and requirements, but is still practical. However, everything else is great. It's quiet, safe, always looks nice, and has as many activities for the residents as any would want. I never have to think about my landlord, but if I did, I would think things like, confidence, security, and pride. Very highly recommended.


I love Living there, peaceful, Quiet, and very relaxing atmosphere.

Getting a bit crowded here ~

I appreciate the lower rent and management is responsive.

But parking is ridiculous, absolutely and completely ridiculous. Two cars for one person ... just ridiculous.

I've gotten to where I don't like to ask for Maintenance Jimmy's assistance unless no other choice. He is arguementative and drives VERY fast through our apartments.

Oh well ~
Update. Now lived here nearly 5 years and while no change in parking issues, the Manager Linda is very responsive and friendly. I really like my neighbors as some of have been neighbors for 2-3 yrs. I feel as though if there was an emergency, a neighbor would be right there to help. Difficulty now is to decide to rent for another year or move. Nasty heavy smokers downstairs but our Manager Linda listens to my complaining and is kind - even though there is nothing she can do about it. So - Linda! From another Lynda, I appreciate you. Thank you. (oh! And "jimmy" is long gone. Maintenance men are friendly, professional, get the job done the first time around, and because of that I DO recommend living here.... if it just weren't for those dang smokers!!)

Low budget, poorly made rentals.

Do not move to this location. The apartments are old, run down, outdated, and smelly. Parking is horrible. I personally havent had a problem with neighbors or crime, but have spoken with others who have. I live close to the main office, so it is fairly quiet. The apartments do not seem to be kid friendly either. There are no kids ever outside playing, only once in a while I see a few kids at the pool.

I moved here in July, and wrote down a list of things that needed to be replaced, repaired, and cleaned. It is now September and none of these issues have been corrected/fixed.

In August I attempted to use the dishwasher, when I turned it on, it sounded like it was dying. It scared my little dog. I had to take a video recording and email it to the manager in order to have it replaced. Guess I need to do that with the remaining issues.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The community was clean and well maintained.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The overall appearance was very good. The pool area was excellent as was the workout area. I saw no covered parking, which was the worst thing about the apartment complex.

Mostly good experience living here.

Quiet; awesome being near the Bedford Boys Ranch; lots of wonderful trees; maintenance staff are very prompt & courteous. Some apartments need updates, and the plumbing can be questionable, but overall I like living here very much.

good place to live

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