MAA Arringdon

Morrisville, NC

MAA Arringdon


5710 Arringdon Park Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
(919) 490-4663
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Cigarette Smoke

Renters BEWARE! CIGARETTE SMOKE from downstairs neighbor in my apartment.
A problem tenant from another apartment in the community moved into the apartment below me. Right after I signed my lease for the upcoming year, his cigarette smoke was filling my apartment nightly. I asked Sarah Fields if I was able to get out of the upcoming lease since it was two months out. She told me I was stuck or I could pay $500 to transfer to another apartment with no guarantee I wouldn't be around another heavy smoker. I was told by Cleresa Keller, the property manager, there was nothing they could do about the smoke coming into my apartment. I continued to ask for other options. Cleresa told me I could move to another apartment at one of their other properties and they would waive the $500 transfer fee. There was only one other property in the area that provided washers and dryers in the units. It was a non-winning situation. I contacted a lawyer and was told that my upcoming lease would not be effective until the date on the lease. I contacted Cleresa again and told her that I wanted her to terminate my upcoming lease or have her manager contact me. It was then that she had not noticed I had a future lease and it could be terminated, after all, BUT since the lease would expire in less than 30-days, I would have to give 30-days' notice AFTER my lease end date and the month-to-month price would be $280 more than the current price!
Sarah gave me erroneous information regarding my lease which cost me $280. She also instructed me to call the police on my neighbor after continued partying so there would be a report on file and she could tell him "it wasn't working out". The police don't file a report for noise complaints. His smoking and partying escalated as a result of me calling the police, following Sarah's instruction. And, Cleresa, the property manager, did not even bother to open my file during any of the email and phone call exchanges. Her failure to properly do her job as a property manager also cost me more money. Cleresa treats people like they don't matter. I emailed her several times regarding issues that she never bothered responding to. She allowed a car with graphic, offensive language painted on a vehicle parked in front of my apartment to sit there for a week because she didn't feel it was a problem. Those are the tenants they would rather have.
They allow tenants to park muddy vehicles in front of buildings because they don't want the vehicles to be cleaned in the car wash area. Imagine coming out of your apartment dressed for work and your car is trapped between two vehicles with dripping mud because they've been "mudding". Dryer vents empty into the hallway blowing dryer debris into between apartment entry doors. Main stairs and hallways are stained and dirty. Walls are super thin. You can hear neighbors going to the bathroom, conversations in neighboring apartments, and there are constantly dogs barking and children screeching, echoing through the outdoor hallways. There is a mandatory $50 basic cable fee, monthly. The trash area smells and there is constantly trash on the sidewalk. The recycling area is always full and overflowing. I lived there for 24-months.