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7400 SW 107th Avenue
Miami, FL 33173
(305) 279-6611
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Great quiet young people nice

Looks nice

I would not sign the lease until an inspection is done with a leasing agent present. Biggest mistake I did was signing without viewing the apartment. It could of saved me. My walls are paper thin and I can hear my neighbors clearly.

Property Management Staff

The staff is very personable and attentive to your needs. All you have to do is make a request to have a service done or any other issues. They respond immediately and take necessary action to ensure we live comfortably. I just moved in and had a few issues with parking due to my space being empty for a while and I alerted them and immediate action was taken. They are very personable and care about the community. However, it takes a community to make this place better and I hope tenants take the responsibility together with management to keep this place clean. We have a few people who unfortunately have issues throwing away their cups or things in the common areas like in most of Miami Dade. However, if we decide to have pride in our community and begin to pick up paper or little items in sight that would make a culture that makes the difference. I hope more like-minded people rent here because thats the ideal culture. Also, the unit is delivered in immaculate conditions. I am satisfied with the response and delivery. As far as the high rent, it is very high. However if it would less money then you would not get all the extras, amenities, real upgraded units with stainless steel, good location, and an on-sight maintenance employee. I feel the higher the rent the less issues you have with multiple families living in units etc. Those people would just rent a house. I feel if the rent was lower, the result would be that you would want to go back and pay more without a doubt.RI


Not great it's all a lot of hype I've lived in older communities and newer and have been happier. This community is over priced for the overall experience I've had so far.
What are the issues. I just moved in. I see issues with the tenants themselves. They leave trash out all over the place I. The parking and take your pRoof spots

Good place to live

Very decent place.



Great property

Lots of guest parking Maintenance is profession and comes immediately after you left a request

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The community is adorable and well kept. I would undoubtedly live there.

Poorly Managed

I have never lived in a place where the landlords are Hippocrates. My property inside and out that has been assigned to me in the lease agreement should be mine to manage however I see fit. If I have my personal belongings outside nice and neat then I should not be told what I can and cannot have there. I get called from the office stating that I need to move my property for uniformity but apparently its ok for other tenants to have a jungle growing out of there balcony but I cant have a table and a power equipment. I will never live here again and I refuse to ever recommend this and any other place owned by Lincoln properties again.
This post makes me love the placement more. I do not like balcony hoarders and live the fact that they actually follow up on it.


It is a nice place

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I felt the property was very appealing to a potential resident like myself. It was very well maintained and visually appealing with many amenities that would make living there enjoyable and convenient.

Very nice

The staff are wonderful. They take care of any issues right away. Friendly and very helpful.
Location is good and nearby restaurants and shops convenient.

good condo but a bit expensive rent

good service and condo in general, I found some neighbors are way to noisy specially in the early morning when everyone is leaving to work, also my unit view is to the pool and even tho there is a sign that says that a night time pool is closed, almost every summer morning there are parties in the pool area till past midnight.
They are remodeling the condo halls and entrance but my building stairs are looking horrible for the last 3 months, they are taking forever to do paint and floor finis hings.
Also it is disgusting that every night before I make it to my front door I have to see and smell all the garbage bags that the other neighbors leave outside their doors for late night collection (some of them the leave the garbage outside the hall for an entire weekend) I made several complains about it but no one does nothing.
It takes a community to keep a place clean weather you own or rent and we need to continue to report.

Very clean

Peaceful - everyone minds their own business.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The entrance to the community was well kept. The outside amenities were clean, but some of the inside amenities like the racquetball court and the exercise room needed an update. The sidewalks that led to the apartment needed much cleaning and had excessive gum on the ground. The apartments have popcorn ceilings, which are not very appealing to a luxury apartment concept. The bathroom needs much updates and their are no granite counter tops, even though you have stainless steel appliances. The leasing agent was very warm, friendly, caring and professional. She did a good job in selling the apartment. If I were to rent I would because I know that the leasing agent would be a caring person who would be there in any situation.
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