Estates at Palm Bay

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Estates at Palm Bay


302 Blessinger Drive
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
(850) 863-0082
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Not Worth It.

I absolutely cannot wait to move when our lease is up. When I first moved here, I actually really loved it, but as soon as they dropped their military contract and jacked up their prices, it just went downhill. It's way too expensive for mediocre living. The management is awful and they charge insane fees for everything. If anyone is considering moving here, I highly suggest you find somewhere else unless you don't mind throwing away money. When we first moved in, it was obvious that our neighbors had lived here for years and were settled in, but as soon as Commando Village dropped their military contract they moved out as fast as they could. I wish I had followed their lead. It pains me to admit that I have lived here for two years. Last year, the Friday before our lease was up they called us into their office to talk about our options. Basically, they were raising our rent by $100 and if we didn't want to pay it, we had to move out BEFORE the following Monday. There was no way we could move out in time so we regretfully continued our lease for another year. They are making attempts at making living here more decent, but it's still not worth the price and the hassle of having to deal with them. They added a dog park, which is nice, but definitely not worth living here. Your utilities go through them, so there's no way of actually knowing how much you should be paying and how much they're charging you. Parking is a nightmare. You have a one car garage, which is nice, but you have to manually unlock it, open it, drive in, and then close it. You can fit about 2 cars in your drive way (one behind the other) but it's a pain if you have to constantly get someone to move their car. Some units have added their own additional parking spot in the yard. There's no parking on the right side of the street, which makes it ridiculously hard to have guests over because there's hardly ever any room on the left side. Management is supposedly letting new residents to choose their paint colors and options, but I think you have to pay extra for that. When we initially moved in, I was hoping to stay here for as long as possible because I loved it. Sadly, they have driven us out, along with the majority of the really nice people who lived here before all of the changes. If you're looking for somewhere to live in the area, you'll get a better value if you look for houses to rent, honestly. And if you do have this kind of money to spend on rent then you shouldn't even bother with this place. You can definitely get a nicer house around here for the same amount without all the drama. Please, save yourself.