2125 Yale

Houston, TX

2125 Yale

In the heart of Houston heights, 2125 Yale beckons. Within you will see quality touches and comfortable elegance at every turn. Throughout, you will enjoy wonderful spaces for gathering, entertaining and enjoying life.


2125 Yale St
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 659-0772
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Apartment Review from a Current Renter

Difficulty using grills near pool, seemingly thin walls or no insulation between different apartments makes low noise bothersome.

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

I would fully recommend this apartment, but I would also include the caveat that the rent is not the cheapest in the Heights area.
Thank you for posting a review about your experience here. We are happy that we could leave such a great impression. We value your residency with us and are available should you need anything in the future. I thank you again for your review and commendations regarding our team. Kathie – Community Manager

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

It is a little pricey, but still good for the area.

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

Perfect location and great space
Thank you for rating us so highly regarding your experience at 2125 Yale. We are happy that you chose to call our community home. We are thrilled to hear such positive feedback. It helps us stay motivated and ensure we’re meeting your expectations. We are always happy to lend a helping hand- please reach out to our team if you have any questions or needs in the coming months. Thank you again for your time and feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Kathie – Community Manager

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

It depends on price. But for a single bedroom and the price increases it is hard to recommend this building anymore over some other new properties in the area.

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

The community has unrealistic expectations about how residents will live together.

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

unhappy with the air conditioning equipment.
That said the staff has done what they can to help.
the unit does not cycle set at a temp of 71. unsure at this point whether the unit itself is undersized or the thermostats (cheap) are at fault
Hello, Thank you for sharing your customer service experience regarding your recent Maintenance Request for the AC in your apartment home. We sincerely thank you for noticing our efforts.

I got with our Service Manager, Enrique, and we have taken additional steps to ensure your apartment is cooling, such is cleaning the units and replacing the compressor. I think you will be impressed with the nice crisp cool air in your apartment now.

We value your residency with us and are available should you need anything in the future. Thank you again for your time and feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Kathie - Community Manager.

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

The apartments are nice, but there are one bedroom apartments elsewhere that are better in value. The two-bedroom apartments here are well-priced. The one bedrooms, especially the smallest size, are too expensive.
Hi Aileen,

We wanted to first thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to fill out your online pre-renewal survey, the feedback of our resident's are extremely important to us. We understand your concerns and would love an opportunity to discuss them with you in person. Please contact the leasing office at your nearest convenience to set up a time that works best for you!

We look forward to hearing from you.


Apartment Review from a Current Renter

This community fosters a good experience for downtown living

Thank you for filling out our online survey, your feed back is very important to us! Our team will look into purchasing a new sanitizing dispenser, thank you for bringing that to our attention. If you should have any further recommendations or questions please feel free to contact the leasing office!

Have a great week!


2125 Yale Management Team

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

Helpful staff. Location is great if you're commuting north of the city, otherwise still nice. Less expensive than "hotter" neighborhoods.

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

Is it really a surprise that I wouldn't recommend this place? Maybe I have high expectations, but at the price I'm paying to live in LOCATION, that's the only thing I'm laying for. Not the apartment conditions.

If someone wants to be a hipster here, then it may be a good place.

Eh, it's alright.

A few days after I submitted my survey, there were a few things that changed my mind about this place. I couldn't get my survey back, so this is my overdue and updated review.

The maintenance folks and Christa are awesome. Christa is very approachable and friendly. General area with their fancy coffee machines are cool. Historic building. Great location for restaurants, small shops and graffiti art. Community events are nice to have. It's a great way to know your neighbors. Neighbors on my floor are nice, except for the condescending guy that got in my face and tried to intimidate me.

When something is broken (garage or elevator), there are no communication emails sent out until two or three days later. A recent incident was when there was no water on a Saturday morning, specifically August 8th, 2015. There was no communication at all and when it was fixed, there was no mention of it. Is this a means of sweeping it under the rug?

I live next to the trash chute and when people don't toss their trash down the chute, there are gigantic roaches that invite themselves into my place. It's rather scary and involves lots of squeals as I attempt to kill it.

In the one or two months that I've lived here, I've had three fridges. Yay, an upgrade! NOT. I had the fridge that comes with the apartment, the second fridge because it didn't circulate and the third because my ice was turning into shards of glass. On May 8th, 2015, my second fridge wasn't cold enough because it didn't circulate well. I had bloody chicken water in my freeze. Salmonella everyone! I had to toss out my spoiled food, including a brand new bag of chicken, green beans, dumplings, mixed vegetables, etc. No offers to decrease rent.

There should be more mirrors in the garage like when you're entering the garage. I often feel like I'm going to run into someone or someone is going to crash into me. Fun.

Apparently my AC wasn't working correctly for four months. There was apparently a leak or something wasn't connected properly. The filter was disgusting. I don't know much about keeping a house up to date, but I expect a filter to be in decent condition. There is no way I can check leaks when I first move in. I was wondering why my electricity bill skyrocketing and now I know why. No offers to decrease rent bill.

The freight elevator is usually broken despite leasing agents (Christa) letting the new movers know. Thanks for ruining it for everyone else. There are lazy people like myself that like to take elevators.

When my friends visit and tell me what an amazing place this is, I tell them to watch out for dog poop. They usually stop, mouth gaping open and ask me, "Are you serious?!" Once there was a human size poop PILE in the hallway for three days!

Have I brought these matters to the agents attention? Yes, the fridge and spoiled food, but there was no action taken on their part. Why bother with the rest? For the price I pay, I expect things to be in working condition with constant communication. I expect them to be fair but this isn't an ideal world.
Dear Resident,
We would like to thank you for taking the time to post your review; on behalf of the 2125 Yale Management team, we are incredibly sorry that your experience has been less than satisfactory. As with any apartment community, maintenance issues will inevitably arise. We pride ourselves on a 24 - 48 hour response time, and strive to provide clear communication should a request and or repair take longer than normal.

Though we can’t have eyes and ears everywhere all the time, we pride ourselves on a clean, comfortable place to call home. If you do ever notice an area needing cleaning or maintenance attention, we trust that you’ll notify our management team so that we may address the issue immediately.

We invite you to discuss any additional concerns you may have in person, you can contact me at 713.864.21425 and sincerely hope to see you at one of those awesome resident events you mentioned soon.

Thank you again for your time and input.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

Being new to the area, the property was in an excellent spot. There was so much to offer around the area. It was near all highways and the property itself was full of history.
Dear Future Resident,

We would like to thank you for taking the time to post your review. We are happy to hear that you experience during your visit at 2125 Yale was a good one.

Being new to the area, we would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about 2125 Yale and also the historical heights!

We look forward to talking to you soon!

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

2125 Yale staff is very professional and does an outstanding job taking care of residents!

Apartment Review from a Current Renter

Always friendly, great staff! Brittani is amazing and always so helpful!
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