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Roach infestation

Residents & future residents beware! The Place at Wickertree, an MC Residential Property will not hesitate to move someone and their child right into an obviously roach infested apartment. I moved my boxes in and come night time on that very 1st day roaches were everywhere. I backed right out of there that night. I demanded my money back, but because my boxes had to stay there 48 hours before the apartment was fumigated roaches made it inside my boxes and it cost me about $2000.00 to get rid of everything the roaches may have laid eggs in. I left my couch, chair, and mattress and threw away A LOT of stuff because I could not take the chance of taking them to a new place. Wickertree refuses to take responsibility for this mess. I had to double pay for everything to move twice in a week: U-Haul, APS, tons of food. I had to throw linens that were too abundant to realistically wash at a Laundromat in one night. I had already spent $65.00 at the laundry mat to rewash everything that was already clean before I moved my boxes in. I had to stay with a friend for week and work from her home, since I work from home, which this also screwed up,. This has been a completely horrendous experience. Somebody at Wickertree saw this infestation before my move in day and didn’t say anything and now they refuse to take responsibility for all that I have lost and worked so hard as a single mother to gain. The site manager thought I was going to move to another unit and she was going to reimburse my APS and give me a food gift card, but because I chose not to stick with the shady property she decided I no longer deserved reimbursement. They are wrong for this, and as a no body consumer all I can do is advise everybody of what a terrible company this is. This also goes for MC Residential, who pretends like they have a customer service department, but they do not actually take any kind of action at all. The apartments appear nice, but they are not taking responsibility to eradicate the roach infestation. I spoke with the pest control company and they advised companies like these do not want to fully cooperate and double fumigate the entire building, and because of this they will not get rid of the issue. The roaches are in the foundation and there they will stay. Please be advised-do not move into The Place at Wickertree or any MC Residential property.