Colter Park

Phoenix, AZ

Colter Park


909 W. Colter Street
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 899-9437
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Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The leasing agent was very natural and engaging and I felt that she was sincere. Their amenities were in good condition, but nothing really stood out to me as outstanding. It is an older property and it did not stand out from the places down the street. It is a gated community.


It's ok place to live as long as you live by the pool . Community laundry cost is over priced and maintenance does cheap cosmetic repairs and does not follow up with repairs.

Quiet, Comfortable and Convenient

I've lived here for 8 mos as a full-time student with a dog. I chose the studio because I wanted someplace low maintenance. I am very happy with my choice. I had issues with the guy upstairs being unreasonably loud and after discussing the matter with management the problem was resolved.

Several people mentioned problems with roaches, I have not had a single problem in this apt. The first apt. I moved into was infested and they moved me to this unit.

The fact that the rent includes A/C is an amenity I couldn't live without, especially when I compare my electric bill with people who pay for A/C.

I have a dog and she is welcome here. This is a dog friendly complex and most people are good about picking up after their pets. Security is good, my neighbors are friendly and I appreciate the work the staff does to keep the community looking good.

If you are a quiet and responsible person I'd recommend that you consider renting here.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I found the community to be nicely located near plenty of shopping and the light rail. The point that heating and cooling were included made it very affordable living, and the apartment was very spacious.

so far so good. Only issues are with the pools.

It's close to everything and the apt is in decent shape with lots of space...especially closets. The only issue I have so far is that it's difficult to get into the pools. My key only fits one of the locks and not very well and often times it is the one it fits that is padlocked. Also the pools have not been clean and the hot tub jets have yet to come on when I try turning them on. I was really looking forward to the beautiful pools and hot tubs in the picture on the website so I'm really dissapointed in this. As far as the keys go, I also could not get into the laundry room closest to me when it was I don't know if I was given the wrong keys or what. Other than this, my apt. is clean and in decent shape and the security on at night is very helpful and pleasant!

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I had a good experience. The leasing agent was warm and welcoming. The leasing agent had a good sense of humor and an openness that I found refreshing. I would recommend this community and this leasing agent to family and friends.

Nice Apartment complex for the price

I would say, they have nice apartments for the price, with friendly but not efficient staff. Maintenance and the front office tend to take a long time doing things. However the grounds are always beautiful and the pools very well kept up. Parking availability is very easy and we are centrally located to downtown and the light rail.


Noisy upstairs tenants. Too much money for what you get.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I could easily see myself living in this apartment community. The have a beautiful swimming pool, clubhouse, and fitness center. It seemed like a quiet and peaceful community when I visited this place.

Good studio layout, good for one person

It is nice to have my own space and a nice layout. It is nice to have air conditioning and heating included in rent. However, I am extremely irritated that they turned the boilers on so soon. It is way too hot outside for the heater to be on. I am now forced to sweat my butt off or open my sliding glass door so I can spell my neighbor's cigarette smoke the whole time. That was a big turn off to me.

The serious roach problem has improved. I have not seen a roach in around 5 or 6 days. I used to see one a day.

I like the floor plan and layout of the apartments. Within the past few weeks, there has been a lot of activity going on within the pod that I live in. There has been a lot of door slamming by other residents, and noise coming from other units. I do live on the first floor--and maybe this is characteristic of apartment living or living on the first floor?? It is very distracting and disturbs my peace. I am still a little hesitant in referreing future residents because of the roach situation. I would never recommend anyone living in a community that has roaches. Seeing one roach is too many--in my opinion. I need to see if the roach situation has been taken care of permanently. I do hope that the managers/owners have taken an aggressive approach to rid the community of roaches. I feel that every tenant is entitled to a clean and roach free environment.
I would also recommend that a potential resident have a good communication in regards to do's and dont's. I have found several inconsistencies between management people.

Not a bad place overall.

It's convieniently located and the maintenance is reliable. The speed bumps in the parking lot are terrible and the late fee on rent is a bit high but it's a pretty good place overall. Can't stand all the roaches, though.

Their intentions are good I believe--but they need to focus on the infestation of roaches that are prevalent on the grounds.

Colter Park has many attractive amenities--and I believe that their Manager's intentions are honorable, but there are roaches in the apartments. I am a very clean individual, and have never had to tolerate roaches in my entire life. Since I have been at CP I keep a supply of bleach in my bathroom and kitchen. I never leave dishes or anything on my counter tops. Every night I pour bleach in my drains and wipe my counters down with bleach. The instant that I finish cooking--even before I eat--I wash all of my dishes, and keep bleach poured in my dishwasher. With this type of regiment--I am only seeing no more than one roach per day--usually. Every Thursday the exterminators are on the property, and tenants can schedule them to spray their apartment. I have had them come on more than four occasions, and I still see roaches. In order to eliminate roaches, you must spray everybody's apartment--and do this consistently to eradicate roaches. Instead of repaving the parking lots, and planting new plants--they need to eradicate the infestation of roaches because roaches are a serious problem at the Colter Park Apartments. For this very reason--I would have to decline from encouraging my friends to live in this facility.I hope that the owners/managers/people in charge will read this, and take action to address this serious issue. I have over six months left on my lease and I would like to live in a roach free environment. These statements are honest and sincere, and is not intended to discredit Colter Park.

Quiet, peaceful, clean: feels like home.

I never have trouble finding parking. The grounds are kept clean. The apartments are very quiet all day long, and after 9:00 I never hear anything. Staff is attentive to any requests or needs. Feels like home.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

A trash can by the mail area is needed, as the junk mail was on the ground. The fitness center seems cramped with too much equipment and possibly changing the wall color from the bright lime green.
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