Arboretum at Stone Mountain

Phoenix, AZ

Arboretum at Stone Mountain


15251 S. 50th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85044
(866) 574-1605
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Arboretum at South Mountain - not worth the troubl

4 mos in, have made very good friends with maintenance!! If you like brown shag carpet, outdated appliances, lousy damaged coutertops and doors that won't close property, oh and windows that don't either, this is the place for you! Luxury if you're used to living in your car, otherwise, NOT! NEVER allow a mgr to give you a checklist...make them walk to the unit WITH you and view it...check everything..including flushing the toilets...make sure they DO flush! surprise!!! Bad idea. Live elsewhere. for the money you can rent a smoke free, clean house!