Indigo Springs

Mesa, AZ

Indigo Springs


1464 S. Stepley Drive
Mesa, AZ 85204
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Roach nfested

Roach Infested - I moved in 2 months ago to an apartment that was infested with roaches. I notified the office who acted as if they nothing of the matter. I told them these things had to be coming from neighbor units given the variety of sizes, they were well established. How can they survive in only an empty unit. They disregarded my concern of infestation in other units and sent pest control to spray. I continued to see roaches and was told wait 2 weeks for the treatment to kill the roaches. I kept my kitchen supplies, [pantry and storage supplies packed up so roaches did not infest all my belongings. I expressed my concern of the unit not being move in ready and the fact i could not use my kitchen, pantry or storage. This has continued every 2 weeks, getting fogged, sprayed, baited and still live with roaches. Before I walk into any room or bathroom, me and kids look down, up and on the walls in fear that these things will crawl on us and they have. One crawled on my sons back when he was in the restroom and one up my arm while in the kitchen. I escalated complaints to Pem Reg the apartments management company and finally got them to inspect all the other units in my entire building. They never cam out and said they were infested but they have fogged every unit afterwards. 1 1/2 weeks later, I am still living with roaches. I am trying to break my lease. The problem here is so bad that even fogging of all units hasn't gotten rid of these things. the mental trauma of not wanting to open a cabinet and see a roach or enter your kitchen at night or early morning will be a lasting effect. I live in building 1 and would not want anybody else to ever experience what me and my children have.