Annandale Park

Robertsdale, AL

Annandale Park


21325 Annandale Dr
Robertsdale, AL 36567
(251) 947-3520
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Annandale Park, Robertsdale, Alabama

Stay away!!! The office person was super nice when we were moving in and afterwards it all changed. I put in a work order and it didnt get done so I went and asked about it they said I never reported it. I put in phone calls to corporate about the property, they will act concerned but then side with their staff. The buildings are so poorly built that you can hear the tv from the people above you and everytime they walk you hear it so if you want it sound like a bowling alley is above you, this is the place for you. The grounds are a mess, the leaves are almost as high as the curb, the dumpster is always over flowing and garbage is just piled up all around it, the grass is always high and is more weeds than grass and I have seen trash sit on the property for a week and they tell you its a gated complex when the gate never worked in the whole year I lived there. Annandale and Ledic are only worried about you paying rent, not about any problems you have living on their property.