Village at Midtown, The

Mobile, AL

Village at Midtown, The


320 Stanton Road
Mobile, AL 36617
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Non tenant review

I'm a giving my review as a non renter but this is based on my personal experience with the the staff. I have since read 3 negative reviews, out of 4 total, about the complex and staff. I was in communication with one of the leasing agents, and while friendly at first, her professionalism in subsequent communications left much to be desired. She told me she would call me back with some information, she never did. I called and left a message for her to call me, no call. Then I called her a third time and she answered a few questions then rudely told me that she had other people to help. She did not say she would call me back later and, of course, never did. So this is how they treat prospective tenants! How must they treat those that have already signed the contract?! Today I saw that the BBB rated them a C-. Naturally I'm removing them as an option for me.