Hallson Manor Apartments

Elberta, AL

Hallson Manor Apartments


12654 Alabama Street
Elberta, AL 36530
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Horrible management!

No matter when I call, I always get a fax machine when I call the office. I have called 27 times so far to check on an application I put in over the summer. Each time I get a fax machine. I wonder if I lived there and had a maintenance emergency how I would get the attention needed. There should at least be a voicemail. Please keep in mind that I call during the posted office times. I became tired of not being able to get through to a human and always ending up getting that annoying fax ring in my ear do I did a little research. I have been calling 1-251-986-3744 but if you wish to go above her head call the company who owns the property. Greer Construction 1-256-247-5059. It is an out of town company but they do own the property. I really thought the place looked nice but from what I am discovering, it is not worth the hassle and harassment. It seems as if the person running the office thinks it is a privileged to live there. I have news for her. The residents are her customer and they should be treated as such.