100 Inverness Apartment Homes

Birmingham, AL

100 Inverness Apartment Homes


100 Inverness Lane
Birmingham, AL 35242
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Convenient location, Great schools

Living at Inverness Landing has been a good experience. Have been a resident since 2010 and have enjoyed living at Inverness Landing. Nice area that is convenient to everything and located within a good school zone.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The property was large but some of the make ready apartment was not ready.

It is a quiet setting outside in. Noisy neighbors.

I am here for the area and lake.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The leasing agent was very friendly and knowledgeable. She was efficient in taking my information and providing me with the necessary information I needed. She was very sincere and interested in finding an apartment that met my needs. The property was large and well laid out. The community offered a welcoming environment, with lots of trees. It was a quiet place and was well maintained. I would feel very comfortable living there.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

This apartment home is attractive enough to me to sale itself, and I think that is what the leasing professional did. She tried to allow me to sell myself without building rapport or giving information on community. The staff seemed pretty solid and reliable. They were professional enough to introduce themselves. The area's overall appearance was very attractive and clean. I would definitely recommend based off the appearance of the apartment homes, but not so much because of the presentation. The leasing consultant did not have a bad personality of anything, I just feel that I did not get much of a presentation.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

Inverness Landing would be an incredible way of apartment living in a nature filled, serene community. The premises were welcoming in every way. The landscaping was beautiful, with many amazing views. The apartments were clean, modern, and had enough room for comfort. Decor was up to date with natural color schemes, giving the apartments a warmer feeling.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

This seems to be an almost forgotten community away from the sounds of the streets. It is very quiet and peaceful. The only thing you hear is the wind from the lake and the ducks waddling up to escort you along the paths of summer flowers and leaves. It has the feel of mountain chalets. It resembles them as well with sloping wooden ceilings and glassy fronts that render an awesome view of the trees and water.

Great! Until 2014.

Not sure what has happened this year, but all of a sudden maintenance seems to be a much lower priority. Plenty of people working here; I see them jetting around in the golf carts nonstop, but maintenance requests are taking literally MONTHS to be taken care of, even easy ones like replacing a fluorescent bulb. Utilities from the billing company are outrageous. I'm billed for use of more than 3000 cubic feet of water every month. Seriously? I'd have to have a swimming pool in my apartment to be using that much water! Billed for pest control. Billed for trash disposal although I'm required to pay for valet trash service separately (which is great, by the way). Billed a service charge for being billed. Office staff are extremely nice, but ineffectual.

Great apartment - horrible maintenance team.

The apartment is spacious and beautiful. The community is quiet and friendly. The location is very convenient. But don't expect the maintenance team to complete anything timely or professionally. The leasing office is also prone to dropping the ball about almost anything.

It is not very customer friendly!!

Like living in a bad motel.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The leasing agent presented a beautiful property with lots of amenities. The apartments were well priced for the features they offered. The leasing agent was enthusiastic and professional, and he made me have faith in the management company.

Priorities for current residents very low

The apartments are in very poor shape and getting assistance with repairs is not done unless it is a liability to the company.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The setting of the property is beautiful. They have a lake that is fully stocked with fish and residents are welcome to go fishing whenever they like.

Imrpovements are needed

You're better off paying more money to live somewhere nicer

Not happy

I would tell them not to live here. Communication is awful, maitenance goes into your apartment without your knowledge if you can even get them to come fix anything. Management seems to have a lot of turn-around and no one will return calls or get back with you when they say they will.
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