Advantages of Renter’s Voice

Renter’s Voice is the next evolution ratings and reviews site designed to fairly represent the property management companies in the multifamily industry. The first of its kind and unlike similar sites that often contain biased or one-sided information, Renter’s Voice offers the most comprehensive, objective and transparent apartment reviews utilizing a variety of sources.

Renter’s Voice Reviews are collected from:

  • Independent evaluators – certified apartment mystery shoppers
  • Current renters – people who live on-site and post comments directly to the site or provide them through survey feedback

Additional advantages of Renter’s Voice for Property Owners/Managers:

  • Integration – Unified platform for data from mystery shops, resident surveys, and ratings and reviews to understand the customer experience
  • Multifunction - Ability to leverage operational data for marketing purposes
  • Impartiality - Provides transparent and objective feedback to the apartment renter
  • Continuity - Real-time data flow of reviews and leads from the site to apartment community
  • Oversight - Property management companies can respond to resident postings
  • Verification - Quality control process, including third party moderation and user authenticity verification

Renter's Voice easily provides the widest range of perspective and the most in-depth view into each community, which makes it extremely attractive to the online apartment renter. It also levels the playing field in contrast to traditional online ratings and reviews sites, by giving everyone a voice in the process.

To find out more about how Renter’s Voice can benefit you, please contact us.