Village Square

Dallas, TX

Village Square


5959 Watership Lane
Dallas, TX 75237
(972) 709-7501
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i love it.

this is great place to live..

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The leasing agent was great to work with. The community was very nice and clean.

very nice, quiet at times

i like living there

Nice and friendly niegbhorhood.

It is a nice quite nieghborhood, friendly people and well kept grounds. The apartment are a nice size and reasonably priced, but the applicances are a little outdate. I have really great nieghbors. The parking is assigned which is great, but not good if you have guests because visitor parking is very limiting; which is horrible.

It has improved

Since my last review I have seen a few improvements especially with the gym going 24/7 and security being increased.
My next recommendation will be to get the mailboxes replaces ASAP as there is a large section open and unlocked because the lock is busted (maintenance request submitted). Also, I like that when I call our leasing office I get a maintenance person the same day, if I send a request online I will almost never get the same day attention as if when I call. Let us know if calling is better and the preferred method of maintenance requests..
Keep up the good work ladies, I noticed that other communities are have employees in the office leaving to come to our community. That should tell you that we have our stuff together - don't stop working hard!

ok needs more work on some apartments

I would tell them that its ok to live there but some of the apartments need more owrk done on them I move over here because of my brother and step mother apartment but mines look's nothing like there I very unhappy my first week in my apartment and had to call the office everyday that week

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The presentation was nice and the leasing agent was professional.

It's slowly improving

At the beginning it seemed great, from the beginning on it worsened and today it is starting to take a better form than it was. Work order requests are starting get finished, the quality of life at Village Square is slowly improving.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The agent was very professional, however this is not a community I would readily refer.

Nice , quiet, well kept property

I love living here and have been here for over a year or so and I just renewed my lease here. SInce being here management has changed once or twice as well as maintainence but overall things are ok. I would like to see more "open" parking spaces for visitors because often time my guest have to park really far from my unit and walk in the night hours with no security on the premises and anything could happen. I would also like to see less trash left on the parking lots and hanging out of the dumpsters that have been provided for the residents here. I too would like to see security on the premises at all times and not every now and again.

Another concern for me is that when the lawn service comes on Tuesdays or Wednesdays they "always" blow" the trash and leaves and cut grass on to my patio which leaves me to clean u their mess and its usually all over my daughters toys that we keep outside. I have asked management to speak to them about this and thus far nothing has been done.

Staff lacks professionalism.

Maintenance is really good about fixing things quickly to my expectations. But the office staff is horrible about communicating back to residence and giving them important updates on status,mostly pertaining to residents particular request, also they are not very punctual, because my apartment wasn't ready in time on set move in date given and paperwork was not complete in time as well. The staff is rude and incompetent, they frequently shut down the whole office during business hours. The office manager (Corrine) is never there to handle certain situation's when needed. She has a very I don't care type attitude, which explains why the leasing agents under her supervision, do not go above and beyond to provide basic, nor good customer service.
When my lease is up I will for sure relocate.

horrible customer service, horrible management

that they have hidden costs, the manager does not work with you, nor care what you say. the business office never returns calls. they are horrible and i would not recommend them to anyone, if anything i would discourage them. also i would inform them that i am not going to be re-upping my lease when it is up. i am simply counting down the days until i can move out

Customer service, manager training & dedication to lessees need improvement

I had some serious trouble with package delivery from eBay. Both our local Post Office and the Village Square management office were at fault.
After calling corporate headquarters late on a Friday afternoon in December, I did not receive any feedback from the area property manager Katherine(?). I did receive a phone call from Stephanie (from the leasing office) telling me that the post office package was left outside and that I need to follow through with USPS and report our postal delivery person.

Currently I am also dealing with issues with my water and auxiliary bill and the ability to pay it online. In December, Stephanie assured me that I could pay it online and just add it to my rent. I have done that both times but I keep receiving notices. The first words out of both agents mouth is that "...they have nothing to do with the charges..." and that "...I can pay it online".

Today I attempted to pay the almost $50 bill but cannot because the "Confirmation amount does not match the payment amount".

On 01/02/2013, I will make an attempt to do this in person with my laptop and hope my issues will be resolved.

We are also missing the ability to purchase remotes for the gate. I have been interested in two but since November remotes have not been available.

I would also like to see the ability to add services online like adding pet deposits and pet rent payments, remotes, etc with no convenience fee added.


I would like it if Village Square would not charge a "convenience fee" to pay for rent online. I highly depend on the online feature to pay for my rent without a check but now that our drop box has been taken away, I think something in return needs to make up for that.

Our maintenance staff seems to be improving but problems need to be taken care of as soon as possible and some sort of communication needs to be given regarding any status of open requests.

Our garbage truck drivers are not able to access our gates and access should be given to them so they do not have to sneak in through the exit as other cars are exiting.

I still think our complex is a great value for its price and have no problem recommending it. We are a strong community.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

This community was very serene and well kept. Each apartment has its very own huge balcony which is unheard of in most apartment communities, and was very nice.
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