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Louisville, KY

Hurstbourne Estates


10405 Watermark Place
Louisville, KY 40223
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Rude entitled management

The apartment and grounds are beautiful but the management is so rude and entitled it's not even close to being worth what you have to pay to live here. The disrespectful attitudes and entitlement to do whatever they want whenever they want without any concern for the tenants is unbelievable. I've heard numerous stories from neighbors and so many reviews from other tenants it's no surprise that there's already a list of complaints before me. Tip of the your money for somewhere else.


Terrible apartments looks pretty but such a let down, we constantly hear our neighbors above us, there not stomping just walking around, the building structure are not built well and we have complain couple times, and the office service are extremely rude they won't even give us a second gate open key, when our neighbor has one. Honestly can't wait to move out. Please don't leave here unless you hate your money

Entitled management

Very rude. Uneven enforcement of rules. Expect high accountability from tenants but little from themselves. Often unavailable and unresponsive. Beautiful property with low brow management. Appears to have extremely high turnover

Worst place I have ever lived!!!

First, I would like to start with when we moved in we were NOT warned about the train that come by 6 times a day and it's so lovely to hear it at 3 am every morning. We were the first people to move in to this complex and probably the quickest to go. Second, when we moved in we had many construction problems and that list of issues we have had at this place is so long that it would probably make we websters dictionary look small. I don't want to go into detail about everyone of them but I will point out this one, every time it rained in our apartment our foyer had water that seeped under the door and it would flood the laminate and drench the carpet right next to it. This is EVERY TIME it rains, so just imagine how many times it rained in the 12 months of living in this place. I put in a work order for it to get fixed...... 9 MONTHS LATER, the day before we are moving out... I get a phone call saying someone is finally here to fix it! Highly highly irritated!!!!

That's just an example of the seriousness of an issue and the time it will take for someone to resolve it.

We had a complaint on our dogs saying that they barked and yapped all the time, which my dogs do not bark hardly at all unless someone is coming home but the walks in this place are so paper thin our neighbor must have confused us with the little yorkie that also lives right next to him and BARKS ALL THE TIME. Let me put it to you this way.... One misconception of a dog complaint and the office worker Tiffany sent us a letter THREATENING to kick us and our dogs out of the complex over a complaint that wasn't even our dogs!!!!

I could go on for days and days about why you shouldn't live here and how
Much I despise this place and the people that run it. So I will leave you with this.... We moved out in July and we just got a bill from them for 1500$ to replace the carpets even though we shampooed and vacuumed before we left.

Now they are just trying to get more money from us!!!!

My advice to you is that you go anywhere but here.

Huge Disappointment!

When I first moved in, I was impressed by the resort-style living and upgraded units. That however was quickly squashed, and I can't wait to move out at the end of our lease. Let's start with move-in day...we were promised a unit and scheduled a day and time to move-in. When we arrived, we were told there was no unit available and there was nothing they could do. After almost ending up homeless, they magically found a unit for us--that had not been cleaned or prepared in any way. Still--no offer was made to make their mistake right after we and our move-in help waited several hours.

Fast forward a few months--the management has changed and is HORRIBLE. The grilling stations were nice for about a week, then the propane ran out and some of the stations had broken pieces--weeks went by with no change. So much for grilling out this summer.

Each resident is required to pay $25 for valet trash service. After a couple weeks-I got a snarky email saying I had to put trash out in the provided can, so I did. Almost NONE of my neighbors abide by these rules, but I'm the one getting nasty emails. Secondly, I have put my trash out at the specified times, and many times it's not even taken. I love to pay for a service I don't always get.

The management changed the office hours without notifying anyone--so if you work an 8-5 job anywhere in Louisville, it's basically impossible to pay your rent M-F, because they don't have a drop box. Weekend hours are now 10-1 on Saturday--hope you don't have weekend out of town plans and work full time, because your ability to pay rent just died.

Finally and most annoying is the noise in this place. It is marketed as resort-style luxury living--and it most definitely comes with a luxury price. The walls/floors in these units are PAPER THIN. If anyone lives above you--prepare for some serious noise. Footsteps, music, drawers opening and closing--you name it, you can hear it. And don't try to call the management for help--their attitude is very condescending and accusatory, and basically everything will be your fault for having the audacity to expect a peaceful living environment. Their idea of help? Berating you on the phone and suggesting the two residents sit in mediation face-to-face. Great idea--so we can make things super awkward the rest of our lease.

Literally cannot wait to move out of there--the maintenance, upkeep, management and units are without a doubt NOT WORTH the outrageous prices.

Nice try....BUT

This place is brand new, but it is a mess. First of all if you have a car do not move here the parking is a horrible uncontrolled mess. 1. There is barely enough parking for one car per unit, some have two and a few I know have three cars. 2. Whoever did the landscaping had no idea what they were doing, they put too much fill in and when they put the manure and wood chips down, they were above the grade of the sidewalk, when the water comes on it washes all the manure and wood chips onto the sidewalk so when you walk to your unit you are taking manure into your unit onto their new carpet. 3. The finish carpentry is probably the owrst I have seen and I have lived all over the country, looks horrible. 4. I was watching the "painters" paint the balc section of the stems and he got more on the concrete than he did on the metal. 5. They have not cleaned up any of the inside sidewalks from the completion, there are peices of drywall, nails, take, concrete, etc., laying all around.

You can do better, as the only thing about this place that is ever fair - good is the inside of the units and the pool. I placed 4 work orders for minor repairs over 3 months ago, so far 0 have been taken care of.

Incompetent management

New apartments but poorly planned, built and maintained. There are lumps of drywall mud under the carpet, fixtures don't work, concrete is cracking and chipping in the side walks, landscaping was a cheap job with no landscape fabric, gutters drain onto sidewalks and onto patios instead of storm drains, the cheapest equipment was put in the exercise room, management is unresponsive to maintenance request, the apartments are packed together with almost no common areas, many dogs, very short on parking spaces. This place has a nice facade and although the apartments look nice on the inside they are not worth the head ache. You can find a comparable apartment with competent management for less money. I forgot to mention closets right outside your apartment rent for $75 a month! There is no closet on the balcony or patio like most apartments.

Skip this place

This is the nicest place to live in the city, if you can deal with the poor and lazy management.


* Apartments
The apartments are the nicest in Louisville, w/ nice plush carpet and granite countertops. It was brand new when I moved in which is the whole reason I wanted to move here


* Apartments
When I moved in, the carpets had mud stains, my countertop was cracked, my patio door didn’t close, and my tub had a weird brown film all over it. This was a “brand new” apartment so I am the first person to live in it, and it was still gross.

* Management
I’ve put in several work orders to fix all of the problems and others and they are totally dismissed. I know they’re being put in, because both the girls in the office have shown me that they’ve been completed! But no one ever comes by to ever do them they just get marked as done! When someone actually does come, it's done so poorly it usually worse than before. The manager Stacy won’t even call me back when I call to complain about these issues, and I have called several times. I get a notice it seems like every week that they’re coming to in to my apartment to fix or check something EVERY WEEK

* Landscaping
The place looks nice at first. But half of the landscaping is mulch, so every time you step out of your “brand new” apartment it smells like poop. There’s also LOTS of dogs that have moved in here, so there’s lots of barking and poop everywhere. The poop has gotten much better over the last couple months.

* Lighting
If you go out at night or early in the morning, bring a flashlight. The street lamps are so dim it’s hard to see anything.

This is the nicest place I have ever lived, but dealing with the management staff is making me pull my hair out!!!! Tiffani and Mallory are real nice and help me and try to make me happy here, but the bad maintanence and manager make it hard to be happy here.

Great to live, but need enforcing of the rules

Nice apartment, with ample space. Kitchen and appliances are good as well as the sound insulation. The community is still being worked on as they are behind for the construction due to the long winter. The only complaints I have are around the enforcing of the code in the contract. There is valet trash service and trash is being picked up from Sunday to Thursday evening. Trash should not be placed outside your door till around 6. But individuals seem to think that you can start piling up your trash on Friday afternoon and by Sunday they have 6 bags of trash in the public areas. This can be fined for, but is not enforced. With kids around in the community, it is just unhealthy and should be addressed. Second is the pet rule. It is a very pet friendly community. But the rule is to clean up after the dog and walk the dog outside the community. Some individuals walk the dogs inside the community but don't clean up after the dog. Again, with kids living and playing in the community, it just should be addressed. For the rest, a really great place to live. But the trash situation for sure need to be addressed.

Don't move there. It is not worth the money.

Don't be fooled by the nice-looking apartment when you come for your first visit...seeing and living in them are two different things. The cabinets are cheap - they start opening up, easy to scratch and when you cook the steam is all over the cabinets. The granite counter - where pieces are joined you can feel and see it - not professionally done. The crown molding opens up, the so called vinyl floor is pure concrete...if anything glass like drops from you, it will break. It is all electric, so prepare to pay high bill. What else is expensive? The trash, water and sewer service. It cost $25 for trash, $35 for sewer plus your water on top of that.
In a few months traffic will be a mess when more residents move in, they have a very small amount of parking and several car garages which rents for $125 per month - the most expensive around.

The manager (S) is very nice and the agent (M), but the Assistant Manager (T) is not very pleasant. She seem to be looking at you in a frowning way or as if she is better than you.

If you have lots of money move here, if not stay away.
OMG, I could not agree with you more. You hit every point straight to the teeth. Cheap materials all over. They have also placed gates which is nice to have a gated community, but now the gates take up some parking space when opened and with the already limited parking, it's terrible. I notice that they are turning on the sprinkler system in the mornings. Why not do it at nights when we are not walking around. The sprinkler wets the patios and so your furniture is wet when you go to sit on them. I dare say my trash gets picked up only once if I am lucky per week. The walkways are built poorly and so when it rains they are flooded.

Although construction is still going on, they can still keep the walkways clean. The ones next to the office is so nasty with mud for the past few days, its awful. Imagine, putting a grill in front of the apartments. When folks start to grill, the rest of us will be smoked out of our apartments. The clubhouse is always so dusty...seems like no one cleans the inside. There is dog poop all over the grass where some of us have to walkwhen the walk-way is flooded or muddy. Maintainence, poor guy. The trash compacter is always flooded with garbage. for teh price we are paying for these rushed, cheap apartments we should be getting better service. there is no place for kids to hang out - no tennis court, no playground ...nothing.