Canter Chase

Louisville, KY

Canter Chase


1200 Canter Chase Drive
Louisville, KY 40242
(502) 410-5160
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Wonderful place to live!

I have been at Canter Chase for almost a year now and really love it. The grounds are beautiful! I feel like I am living in a park with all these old trees. All the buildings were just painted and the colors are very nice. A huge improvement from the gray color that it had been. I have had some minor maintenance issues and everything was taken care of very fast. The maintenance guys are always very nice and polite. The girls that work in the office are always courteous and helpful. They talk with you like they have known you for years. You can bring your dog into the office and there is always a dog treat waiting for them. One of the best things about living here is there is a Community Life team that is always putting on events for the residents. They just had a Fall Festival with homemade soups, treats, pumpkin decorating and candy apples. Since I live alone, it is a great way for me to meet my neighbors. I can't say enough about Canter Chase...its a wonderful place to live!

Great Place To Live

We moved in last January after being relocated to Louisville. It gave us some time to figure out where in the city we wanted to purchase a home. It is very convenient to lots of stores and restaurants. The huge trees everywhere is what stood out for us compared to other places. We really enjoyed our fenced in area. If you have animals, the grounds are lovely. Plus, now you will get to take advantage of the renovated clubhouse.

Good complex

- Good maintenance staff
- community events
- nice apartments
- fire place
- close to malls and St. Matthews
- patio
- pool
- basketball/tennis courts

- small workout room (hours 9:30am - 11:00pm)
- hot tub is broken half the time
- sauna and steam room haven't worked in a long time

Don't Let The Trees Fool You

When you arrive for a tour, it's easy to be distracted by the landscape around the front of the clubhouse and the initial view of the inside of the clubhouse and all it's amenities. Then, you are shown a really nice model apartment. Everything looks great. Then you move in and realize the following...

The feel of your carpet doesn't quite feel like the carpet in the model. Yep, the model has a thicker pad and a higher grade. We received new carpet and within 3 months there are wear patters all throughout.

Pretty much everything is original to the unit from when they were built in 1988. The shower/tub stalls are so old. Instead of replacing the units, they just caulk them to death. Ours is cracked everywhere. If you ask for it to be fixed, it just gets caulked. The shower faucet is also really old and outdated. The sink and faucet in the bedrooms are plastic. I kid you not.

There is no overhead lighting in either bedroom or ceiling fan. So, be prepared to buy alot of lamps and stand fans to get air moving. There are 4 ac vents in the living room area, but only one in each bedroom, so the bedrooms stay warmer/cooler depending on the time of year.

The one good thing I can say about the kitchen is the fridge. It's larger than most apartments. The sink is about the most shallow sink I have ever seen and the faucet dates back to 1988. The stove is ok. The dishwasher is an interesting beast. It takes 4-5 hours to do one load of dishes. I am not sure what exactly is going on in there, but it almost sounds like it is destroying all the dishes, then rebuilding them. We still get such a kick over how long it takes to do one load. The counter tops and cabinets are all original. They have spray painted the counter tops to make them look newer.

The grounds. Yes, the front of the clubhouse looks nice and that is where it ends. The rest of the landscaping is old, overgrown and out dated. There are many many many just totally bare spots where shrubs have died or are close to being dead, but are not replaced. There are shrubs and trees that just look pathetic and really need to be removed. The company that cuts the grass every week pretty much treats the place like field. Tons of grass is left behind. None of the branches and limbs are picked up, so you have to walk all over them. They barley do weeding or use an edger.

So, luxury apartments that are not, but they are priced as luxury apartments. The amenities at the clubhouse seem like they would be great, but if you want to use any of them, there are not any changing rooms or lockers to put your stuff. So, if you want to use the sauna or steam room, I guess all your stuff goes in with you. The business center is interesting. Very outdated computers with resolutions set to where you can barley see anything it is so distorted. And it's hotter than Hades in there since it is connected to the hotter part of the building.
I forgot to mention, in my review, the lighting in the apartment, or the lack there of! I have 3 floor lamps in my bedroom alone & tend to leave on the bathroom light in addition to that just so I don't find myself getting depressed in the darkness that is 1107
Dear Valued Resident, We are committed to delivering a superior customer experience for all residents. Please contact me regarding your concerns. I invite you to discuss them with me at your earliest convenience. Please give me a call at 502-425-3585 so we can meet in person. Thank you for your valuable feedback. Sincerely, Sherry Restall, CAM Community Manager

New tenants

My husband and I have just been here for a week. Big change from house to an apartment. Our two bedroom apartment here at Canter Chase is large enough and we enjoy the patio.It was nice to move in to a freshly painted and ver clean nice place. Management and staff are all very kind. They made our move so much easier. We also enjoy sitting by the pool. I just planted some flowers around my patio, which makes it feel more like home. we had a few minor problems but maintainence took care of it. We have met some of our neighbors and they are very friendly too. Some young men helped me carry in something heavy the other day. I think we are going to enjoy making this our new home.

Home Sweet Home

Canter Chase is such a beautiful place to live, the mature trees , the excellant staff.
You always feel like your at home, I have lived here for 2 years and it has been wonderful. The staff know you by name and the ammenties are top notch. But what one of the best things, is the floor plans, the fenced in private lawn, and everyone is so friendly. True southern hospitailty.

Very Happy

I looked at many different complexes in the area before deciding on Canter Chase and I have been very happy with my decision. It is a little pricey but very comparable to others in this part of town, and actually less for a larger and nicer one bedroom than some others I looked at. 
The staff are all very nice and the complex is very pet friendly. I feel extremely safe here, which is important to me. I haven't had any maintenance issues in the last 2 years I've been here.
If I had to complain about anything, they would be minor- wouldn't mind updated appliances and they don't plow the parking lot during snow. Electric bill can be kind of high. 
Overall for apartment living, I'm very happy.

Not a bad place to live

The staff are pretty friendly here. The 2 issues we have dealt with are extremely noisy neighbors keeping us up. After constant calls to the courtsey officer the noise has finally gotten better. The other issue is the ridiculous energy bill we've gotten since living here. The insulation is definitely lacking because we're paying nearly double on our energy bill here than we did on a much larger apartment elsewhere. It's not the most ideal living situation when it's in the single digits outside.  

Disappointed !

Pool, hot tub and club house is never open during posted times! No life guard, building not unlocked and health department closures? 
Holly, Thank you for your review of Canter Chase. I am wondering if you are reviewing the Canter Chase in Louisville, Kentucky or a property located somewhere else. If you are reviewing the Canter Chase in Louisville, then I would like to address your issues. In regards to the pool, hot tub and clubhouse never being open during posted times. We do not have an indoor pool, only outdoor and it is open 7 days a week from Memorial weekend through Labor Day weekend weather permitting. There are unexpected situations when the pool may have to close but it is re-opened as fast as possible. Since it is open 7 days, sometimes maintenance issues have to be addressed and the pool closed temporary while this is happening. This is always for the safety of our residents. The clubhouse which includes the hot tub is open 7 days a week from 9 or 10am until 11pm and is opened 6 out of 7 days by the office staff. We work hard to make Canter Chase a very nice place
for our residents to call home.

Love the community Feel!

I have lived here at Canter Chase for almost 3 years. During this time I have enjoyed living here because the neighbors have been great, and the office staff very helpful and nice.
Thank you very much for your comments! We really appreciate the kind words. We strive to make Canter Chase a nice place for our residents to call home.

Pet Friendly

The staff at Canter Chase is very nice and the property looks very well kept. Maintenance is handled in a timely fashion which is greatly appreciated. Even though I'm about to mention some things that would make Canter Chase an even better place to live, this is still the best community I've lived in since relocating to Louisville. A few things that could be improved on: When painting is going to occur in a neighboring apartment leaving a notice on the doors of the neighboring apartments would be helpful so those of us with severe allergies could make alternate arrangements for a few days. Insulation seems to be severely lacking...I downsized almost 500 square feet and my last power bill was higher than all but one bill (spanning 6 years) at my previous, larger apt and that is with the heat set on 68. Finally snow removal on the sidewalks is not very timely and the parking lot does not appear to get plowed or treated.

Best complex in the area.

In comparison to the other apartments in the area, Canter Chase is definitely the best. The office staff are genuinely nice and will work with you no matter what. They have events every month at the club house that make you feel like youre a part of the community.  Yes, rent is very high, but I dont feel like I'm paying too much to live here.  The only complaint I have are my noisy neighbors. Ive called the courtesy office and the police, but they're still loud.

Family & Pet Friendly

We looked for a home that was family and pet friendly and we found it at Canter Chase. There are plenty of community activities for all ages. It is a quiet and peaceful area to live in. Maintenance fixes any issues as soon as possible. All staff members are very friendly and approachable. There are only 2 things I would like changed. One is having a playground for the children and second is having a fenced in dog run rather than unfenced. We have enjoyed living here since 2009 and we continue to enjoy living here.

This apartment complex had everything I needed.

It was great living there. I hate to move but have to because of work. I had a 3/2 which was great for me an my family. It was roomy and spacious. The only fault I had with it was that the bedrooms don't have lights or fans in the ceiling. Other than that it is a great place to live and great location. Very safe area.

This apartment has a wonderful, safe, friendly feeling.

This apartment complex is wonderful. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. There are lots of events to get to meet your neighbors. The grounds are beautiful and well kept. You don't really feel like you are in an apartment complex.
They are great with pets and even have dog parks.
It is time to begin updating appliances and fixing up some of the outside of the buildings.
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