Hancock Square at Arlington Station Retail

Arlington Heights, IL

Hancock Square at Arlington Station Retail


200 North Arlington Heights Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
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71% 10 out of 14 renters
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the apartments are very nice

Too many dogs, with owners that don't clean up after them. Also the garbage cans are always over flowing

highest prices in town- poor service,bad condition, no security,incredible noise,obnoxious dog behavior.

Bad experience. Managed poorly. Overpriced.Takes forever to fix a problem.

New staff here is a bit rude. Avalon's staff was very sweet and customer friendly.

It's excellent except the leasing staff.

Paint colors have cheapened, made ugly what WAS a classy building.

Loved it before the "redecoration." Embarrassing to have company now because it looks like a cheap motel!

The friendly customer service atmosphere has diminished.

I love my corner apt on the 11th floor. The building is clean, quiet, friendly and safe. When I moved to the area 2 years ago, it was Bo's friendly customer service that attracted me the building. That is no longer there. She would smile, greet you as you wandered in the building or as she saw you when giving a tour. Now, Addison has no personality and there is no one else in the office that provides that warm and welcoming feeling.
I have been frustrated with the changes that did not occur like getting a notice via email that you have a package and the office staff would put in your apt. The office hours are not convenient for me so this was a great bonus.
The new colors in the 11th floor hallway are so DARK and GLOOMY. Please be attentive to the environment it creates after a long day of work. New carpet would help.

Very disappointed.

I have had a couple issues that were very big issues and were not resolved until I really made a big deal about it. The approach of the leasing office is to put you off until you get sick of asking, so you have to be very persistent if you want a problem solved. All issues were the fault of of equipment or improper settings on equipment, like the air handler and roof heating unit, but required months of complaining before they every got a second look.

The idea of waiting for complaints to come in before working on a problem is terrible and shows the signs of a company that really isn't looking to offer anything worthwhile. When my apartment was 90 degrees this summer due to the heat equipment issue, it took two months of complaining and finally making a leasing office representative stay up on the 7th floor for 10 minutes until they were sick of the heat.

Noise between the apartments is terrible. I can hear every word my neighbors say. It's to the point that if I'm on the phone, the people I'm talking can hear the neighbors and think I'm having people over at my place. I'm paying for a nice apartment, not to have room-mates that I don't even know.


Required more care to residents when any accident happens.

Good location, nice apartments, good maintencence but tough management

I like location and apartment. The management is tough and not that friendly. When I was living earlier management was much more friendly.

As a resident, management's job as I view is to make my life easier. Given most of the resident's will have very busy lifestyle. The management is inflexible.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I would recommend this community to my friends and family. The apartment homes are newly renovated and simply beautiful. I would enjoy living here.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

Convenient apartment living in downtown Arlington Heights. The community was within walking distance to shops and restaurants. The community offered both indoor and outdoor pools, and a exercise room. Washer/dryers are in all of the apartment home. The home features newly updated black appliances, granite counter tops, and dark wood cabinets.

Feedback from an independent evaluator

Even though that the leasing agent was pleasant, he did not seem to be very interested in being there.

Feedback from an independent evaluator

I think pricing for the community was based on location.

Feedback from an independent evaluator

The community was nice and had everything I was looking for. The customer service was also great, and I could see myself living there and definitely would recommend the community to friends and family.

Feedback from an independent evaluator

This community was very nice and so was the leasing agent. I would recommend this community to my friends and family.