Lakeridge at the Moors

Miami, FL

Lakeridge at the Moors


17230 NW 64th Avenue
Miami, FL 33015
(305) 557-7010
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Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The target was reached, and an appointment was set. I showed up for the appointment at 1:25 PM, and the office was closed with a sign posted that someone would return at 2:25 PM. A Lincoln Property employee, Roxann, came to the office. She stated that the target left at 1:00 PM, and she did not understand why an appointment was set. The target stated during the call that she was part time and only there on Thursdays and weekends. A call was placed to EPMS while on the property.
The part timer did leave at 1:00 pm, due to she is part timer. There was a bit of a miscommunication with the part timer and the other office staff. Part timer has been reprimanded for her actions.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

This is a nice location and close to many stores around, which is nice. I thought the leasing agent was nice and she had a great personality.
Thanks for the review.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The community was older, but they had upgraded the apartments. The pool and other areas did need a little bit of an upgrade. The staff was polite, but not genuine. The agent seemed to be in a rush. The apartments were cute and felt very homey.
Yes we are a 25 year old property, but we just did an upgrade to all of the apartments back in 2015. Not sure what staff member was "not genuine". We have many emails from our residents and future residents that have given us great reviews on Ellis and on our property website.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I thought this was a very nice community. The apartment was really nice and the finishings were very nice as well. I was surprised that being a 24 year old building everything was so up to date.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The community was very appealing and the features of the apartment were perfect for me. The amenities are a great addition to the location and living there would be great.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

This seems to be a great community to live in. The grounds are well kept and the place is professionally managed. It offers many of the amenities people want and that help add real value. They have a business center, pool, gym, and car care center.
Thank you very much for the review. I'm happy to read the great review on our property and that we are doing a great job on keeping our property looking great and are offering our residents great customer service.


Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

I found the apartment to be nice. However, for the price I would have expected more luxury touches within the apartment. The location and the community features are probably the main selling items. Yet, why not have nicer looking carpet and more color and customization options.

Very nice

This is a very nice property. Friendly and professional people working here. Tenants sometimes a little shady but in general a good experience.

Nice Community

My neighbors have been quiet however there are frequent times the noise is loud in the parking lot with loud talking and horn blowing otherwise the neighborhood is fairly quiet. It has been a displeasure with the substantial yearly rent increase. Unfortunately there is trash in the parking lot and large garbage bags sitting in the breezeway beside the neighbor's door. Very often I walk pass neighbor's trash bags to get to my unit. It's unattractive and I am concerned of seeing rodents. The overall complex and landscaping is well maintain, but the resident's trash bag outside of their doors is a big drawback. I'm hopeful management can solve the trash problem.

I love this place.

This is a great place to live. It's safe, comfortable, clean, and has great people. The only single downside is that the parking spots that are located centrally within the lots are too small and tight to squeeze into for larger vehicles. That's the only single downside. Everything else is great. Lazaro is the Manager of the place and he's super awesome.

Apartment Review from an Independent Evaluator

The customer service received at this facility was exceptional. The agent was truly an asset to the management company. The property was well maintained and comforting. It was very convenient to shopping and transportation.

its ok

expensive, small , horrible way to get to your home with huge lines after a long day of work, staff was only nice when i applied to move in after they were very rude

Clean and Safe

Clean and safe. All common areas are clean and I feel safe when out and about.

Nice and peaceful comunity

Very friendly and confortable place and comunity, many restaurants and shopping centers close to, good amenities, the only issue its for visitors when come visit, they have always problems to come in the comunity

Not so good

First at all, didn't notice that nobody filled this form yeah, thats because its BROKEN, the website code footer table in fact is bad and doesn't let you fill it, I modify it by hand to able to use it same result on chrome and IE . So thats a bad start.

When arrived at lakeridge Pamela was the first person that I meet, she was nice, and she help me and my wife a lot. We are new here in miami and we didn't know a lot of thing about paperwork. She help us a lot.
Carlos, the maintenance guys is so nice too, he offer old furniture from his house to us we started with no furniture . There is this other woman that I'm very shame that I dont know her name, that is all the time walking around doing things and always saying hi have a nice day , super nice person.

We finished the paper work on a Saturday, Pamela wasn't available that day and other woman attend us, she basically says I'm not from here, I don't know anything that how this work and Im just helping . She didn't tell us how to get the car code for enter because she didn't even know how to get it We didn't have the community id same reasons so all the weekend we struggle with security to let us pass to OUR HOME. Until monday that we talk with pamela again.

Now Pamela is not at the office anymore. So we need to talk with Justin now. Hello how can I help you is all that left in him from been good. Everything that came out from him after that is useless, with bad humor and like if you are bottler him. One time my wife went to ask about apartment's availability and him picked up a phone call during her conversation and let her standing there for 15 minutes Thats the level of his commitment with his job.

Parking All reviews of lakerdige poiting to this. It takes just a walk around to saw the big mistake that someone did when marking the internal parking spots.. but nobody do anything. Super easy solution to a big problem, and is still there. Its obviously that there is like 10 cars that is not moved for weeks that even are covered witch goes against the community rules. There is a lot of bike filling big spots for parking, even near the apartment entrances, that is not used for weeks too. I always park far for the entrance, I dont mind to walk a little, thinking about woman with children or old people that really need to be close.
HALF of the cars parked here doen't have the barcode. That are cars that I see since I moved in... Its obviously that some apartment have like 4 or 5 cars. Nobody check that.

The internal parking spaces are super small. So people leave one space in the middle. So on the 9 spaces row, 5 are spaces used. It took like 1 day to repaint it, take 1 space out, so can be REAL 8 spots usable. Its easy to delimit an space for motorbikes, you take 2 parking spot and cand park 4 bikes, you gain 2 parking spot for cars.
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